Ventures 5,6,7,8 is a lead consulting and development platform that uses smart inbound, social, email and other marketing strategies to attract professionals who are interested in the content that they found online. It analyses and processes business challenges and defines the partners and approach to increase efficiency and conversion on all aspects of your business.  More information →


With Locoshops you can create your own custom store with a single click and customize your shopʼs look with easy-to-use themes & components, with the help of our professional designer made themes. The company assists you in creating successful online stores, and  provides help with setting up your favourite delivery and shippment methods for both local and global customers. More information →



AirBNRefugee is an online platform approach which allows to connect home-owners or renters with temporary home seekers for a longer period than vacation period.  More information →


This e-business network is currently under development and is full of brands you know, you love and you haven’t seen anywhere else. It is the world’s first and global multibrand disruptive fashion platform. The mission is to make brands more notable, accessible, loveable, shareable and useful, whereas they are now splintered over the Internet. It provides fashion users all the tools to satisfy their shopping needs.  More information →